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Fleur de Force has been one of my favourite YouTubers/Bloggers to watch & read for years now. Her down-to-earth personality and the very personable way she comes across on camera make her one of my favourite subscriptions to see pop up on my feeds (even Boyfriend takes interest when I'm watching her videos.) So when she announced that she was writing a book, I actually got pretty excited. 

I tried to hold out as long as I could before ordering my copy of The Glam Guide, but this month my willpower completely failed, and on Saturday, my very own copy popped through my letterbox, and plonked on to the doormat, carrying with it excited anticipation.

Now, I know we never should "judge a book by its cover," but with actually books themselves I think its pretty difficult not to, isn't it? As soon as I tore back the cardboard packaging and saw the front cover of The Glam Guide I couldn't help but give a little squeak of joy. The cover is just beautiful. It translates so much prettier in person than it does on camera. Rose gold lettering and shiny stars....a wash of watercolour, and a selection of pictures creating a bottom border of the cover make the book look the perfect mix of feminine and fun. As a blogger in my late-twenties (just,) I was a bit concerned that the book might be targeted at a bit of a younger audience than me, but just by looking at the front cover, I was pretty confident that this wouldn't be the case. 

The book itself is split in to seven main chapters, so you can delve in and out as you so wish. Each chapter is finished with "10 Quick Tips" by Fleur, which summarise key points that she thinks is important for each section. Again, in keeping with the option to pick out individual topics, each main chapter is broken down in to sub-categories. If there is part of a chapter you enjoyed reading, the black, swirled, and almost handwritten typography is really easy to find. I, of course, disregarded all of this and read it right from the start. But it's great that the book has this option. 

Fleur's "voice" really comes through in The Glam Guide. The written style is informal, and you can really imagine that you could be sitting down and having a conversation with her about all the things in the book. Her "voice" isn't condescending, or aimed specifically at an age demographic. Her written style is just as appealing to me as I think it would be a teenager or young adult. 

Just Add Ginger blog

Just Add Ginger blog

The illustrations and photographs used throughout the book are really in keeping with the design. The illustrations don't outweigh the text, and are there to highlight certain aspects of the chapter, or to describe visually what Fleur is telling us. 

And it's the same with the photographs. I remember Fleur saying in a vlog that nearly all of the props and wardrobe used in photographs in the book belong to her. And - if you subscribe to her videos - you can tell. That gorgeous Chanel bag makes a feature, as do some of her go-to beauty products and her fabulous - and oh so enviable shoe collection. Even husband Mike and their dogs appear in photos, underpinning even more how Fleur really uses her own experiences, thoughts and opinions to drive the book.

Just Add Ginger blog

The Glam Guide is the first book in a very long time that I have sat down and read cover to cover in one day. And that says a lot. As a self-professed YouTube video junkie, my preferences of late have been to watch videos from my subscription box than read, but yesterday I couldn't put The Glam Guide down. It is just so readable. The style is engaging, the topics are vast, and although there are some that aren't wholly relevant to my life situation, I still read through them with gusto. It must be really difficult to write a book to a target audience that varies so much, but I think The Glam Guide has something for everyone. If you're a bit older, you aren't inundated with topics you can't relate to any more, and if you are that bit younger, the book does give some good advice on things that you are probably still discovering and unsure of. Fleur balances out her voice as the author really well, and at no points did I stop reading and think "I'm too old to be reading this."

With chapters ranging from beauty to blogging, health and fitness to hair, there is something for everyone. The Glam Guide isn't just your bog-standard how-to guide, it's a really personal offering, written by someone who truly believes in the advice she's giving, and wants to pass it on to her fellow girls, young women and ladies alike. 

With the perfect balance of personality and professionalism, The Glam Guide is the perfect beauty, fashion and lifestyle manual to help us make 2015 the most fabulous!

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  1. I haven't put in my order yet, it reminds me so much of a book I had a few years ago called 'how to walk in high heels', it had a similar theme, only the content in Fleurs book is a little more modern, including the likes of blogging advice. Sounds like she's put together something entirely her though, and in this crazy world of YouTubing authors, it's a breath of fresh air!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland