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Master Bedroom Revamp

As you would expect, alongside being a bride-to-be comes inescapable and incredibly exciting thoughts about married life and the future. I have lived in the house I am in now for seven years this year, and it has been perfect for me. Bur it's not really the house I see me and Boyfriend living in until our golden years.

We have no plans - no matter how much MG protests - to move yet. Not until after the wedding. I don't think any of us could handle the stress (and we couldn't afford it either.) But to make our home seem a little bit more grown up and family friendly, we are looking to revamp our master bedroom and just generally have a re-jig of things so that our house works better for us.

I love the thought of having a fresh, clean, white bedroom. Because the house has limited light, dark colours make everything seem more enclosed, and the bedroom constantly looks like a cave. In an ideal world, I would have a new crisp, white chest of drawers (our one is broken - we can't even open the bottom drawer any more,) and bright walls. Because our bedroom also acts as my filming room for my videos, I want to create as much airiness as possible, and have little sprinkles of decorative and slightly feminine elements....a few plants here...some woodland creature ornaments there....and a collage of photos of our loved ones. Nothing too OTT, but just enough to add some colour back in.

The only other thing I want to change is my make-up storage and "blogger station." Currently, my make up, beauty stash, and products that I am yet to review are scattered everywhere. Earlier in the year, we did buy a beautiful sea grass until from Dunelm Mill, but it doesn't work any more. Dave uses it as a scratching post too much, and once, actually got stuck in the gap where one of the drawers goes. It was a disaster trying to get him out. The Alex drawer unit from Ikea has recently caught my eye again. I know it's the storage unit that most bloggers have, but now I'm really starting to understand why. I can have it in our little "box office" room and keep everything I need in it.

It'll be a work in progress, but hopefully by the end of the summer, we will have a brand new master bedroom, and we'll be taking the first step forward in to having a marital home we can be really proud of.


  1. Alex Drawers will be the BEST thing that ever happened to you, I swear! I have the tall set and I freaking LOVE them! My bits and bobs have never been so well hidden...I mean, tidy and organised lol. Well worth the investment, they'll last a lifetime!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I've discovered the mini Alex drawers which would be perfect because I don't really have that much makeup. The tall ones might absorb too much light now that I've thought about it, and the house is a bit of a cave as it is. haha