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If you read this post earlier in the month then you will know how, for Eric's first birthday, Ryan and I have decided to steer away from buying him toys and instead mark it by doing a few things as a family that will help create some really special memories and give us some keepsakes that we will be able to have forever. 

A few months ago, I applied for the opportunity to have a personalised bib made for Eric by Totally Bows & Co to mark his first birthday and to my absolute delight I was chosen! After Ryan and I discussing what we should request to have on the bib, and after a few e-conversations with shop owner Joanne, we decided to go for a design that he could carry on wearing long past his first birthday.

baby boy smiling

baby pulling tongues

Right off the bat I was incredibly impressed with both how thick and soft the bib was. Eric suffers from very mild reflux and is cutting his first tooth at the moment so we get through bibs like crazy. Having ones that are really good quality and last just that little bit longer is really important because otherwise - if it's a really bad day for dribble - we get close to running out. Eric has worn this bib a few times already (I just couldn't wait for his birthday) and each time it has survived really well, absorbing everything but keeping Eric's clothes nice and dry.

The bib fastening is a small piece of Velcro that is positioned at the nape of the neck. Ordinarily I shy away from bibs that are done up like this because in the past they have irritated Eric's skin. However with this one it is not an issue. The fastening has been placed just behind the inner seam at the neckline, meaning that it is well out of the way. 

The fit of the bib on Eric is a little generous but I don't mind this. The tooth that is working its way through is only Eric's first and there's no way he can stop wearing them any time soon (he is a walking dribble factory anyway) so this bib is going to last him for ages. Of course, fit is something that will vary from baby to baby so depending on the build of your little one this may sit higher or lower on their chest. 

Baby boy reading a book

baby boy looking at camera

Design-wise Joanne hit the nail on the head. Nicknames to do with bears are a bit of a thing in our house so that fact that Eric's bib has a little bear cub on it could not be more perfect. The colour choices make it easy to pair the bib with any of his outfits too (most of Eric's clothes are blue, earthy-toned or monochrome). I also love the fact that the fabric is 100% cotton - he may be older now but I still am really careful about material that could irritate Eric's skin.

Ryan and I wanted to have little mementos to keep from Eric's first year and this is such a perfect way to do it. With a design that isn't too over the top and a fit that is built to last the long haul, our little man is going to get so much use out of this bib. Throughout the whole process Joanne was really receptive to my ideas and tried to accommodate them as much as she could and I would not hesitate to think of ordering from her Etsy shop. Aside from personalised bibs she offers a whole host of beautifully crafted goods - from tutus to bows and bags, so whether it's for a birthday or simply 'just because' there is a lot to choose from. And everything is at a really reasonable price point.

Want to take a look for yourself? Why not head over to the Totally Bows & Co shop or check out the Facebook page

* Totally Bows & Co very kindly made a personalised bib for Eric in exchange for this blog post. This does not affect my opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer.


  1. Awww look at him in his bib so cute! We always do bear nicknames too!


    1. Aw thank you - this little one is the worst at keeping still for photos so I am so happy I managed to snap these :) Nearly always pulls a serious face even though he does smile quite a lot.

      Jackie O xo