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For the past couple of years, Ryan's birthday has been slightly overlooked. First it was because we were on the cusp of getting married and then I was ready to drop. So when it came to thinking about his birthday this year, I knew I wanted to make it extra special for him. And after looking at the menu online several times, I knew that a trip to the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse in Liverpool city centre would be the perfect place to kick start the celebrations. 

interior of marco pierre white steakhouse liverpool
Image: c/o Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill
booth table inside marco pierre white steakhouse liverpool
Image: c/o Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill

The restaurant is located in Hotel Indigo on Chapel Street, just a hop skip and jump away from Moorfields station so if - like us - you live outside of the city centre it's relatively easy to get to. The restaurant and bar isn't the biggest, but with contemporary decor, elements of the industrial, atmospheric lighting and a bar and dining area that have been really well thought out, the dining area evokes the perfect balance of space and intimacy. We had an early reservation but the restaurant was still busy. However we still managed to maintain a high level of privacy and not worry that Eric was disturbing other diners (he's at the 'I know if I drop toys someone will pick them up' stage). 

Right from the start the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. From helping Ryan down the stairs with the pushchair to bringing him a complimentary glass of prosecco to including Eric in the dining experience they really went above and beyond to add to our visit. 

In typical me fashion I had already taken a look at the menu beforehand so I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to eat. But imagine my delight when investigating the drinks menu I realised they sold Veuve Cliquot (my favourite fizz) by the glass. So naturally I ordered myself one to slowly sip during my meal.

Sourdough bread and pot of butter on wooden board

man holding glass of prosecco

garnished smoked salmon with brown bread and lemon wedge

tempura calamari and squid on plate

And as for food? To start I went for the 'properly garnished' smoked salmon (the description did tickle me a bit) and Ryan chose the calamari and shrimp tempura. We did also ask for the warm baked sourdough to share but Eric demolished most of that on his own (he was so hungry that day). My salmon was just beautiful and the garnish went so wonderfully with it. The calamari and shrimp also went down a treat. Both dishes came accompanied with half a lemon wrapped in muslin which I thought was a genius idea - there's nothing worse then getting a rogue lemon pip on your food! Even though the food was just too good to share between us we did offer Eric some to try and he seemed to enjoy everything too. He may only have one tooth but as parents we always like him to sample everything we have in the hope that he starts to develop a sophisticated palate and isn't afraid to try new things.

For mains both Ryan and I went for steak, with him choosing the T-Bone and me the fillet. Since investing in a sous-vide wand Ryan has become a bit of a meat snob but he thought his steak was cooked perfectly, pink edge to edge and really well seasoned. My knife glided through the fillet with ease and the pieces melted away in my mouth like butter. The steaks were both so tender that even Mr One Tooth could manage eating small pieces that we handed him in between munching on the cheese omelette we'd ordered him from the childrens' menu. The only negative thing I would say about the dish is that the chips were a little too salty. Other than that everything was perfect.

fillet steak with tomatoes and chips

t-bone steak with tomatoes and chips

Something that was highly appreciated by us was the fact that we did not have to wait long in between courses. It's really tricky dining with a toddler (especially one in a bad mood) and having only a short wait before our orders came out meant that Eric was entertained for just the right amount of time without hunger or boredom paying a visit.  

chocolate mousee in a martini glass

creme brûlée

As this was an extra special meal we had every intention of treating Eric to a pudding but by that time came he was starting to get quite upset. So Ryan and I took it in turns to eat our desserts, with one of us eating whilst the other pushed the buggy round the bar area and vice versa. This meant that both our sweets were a little rushed, however both my choice of the Classic Dark Chocolate Mousse and Ryan's Cambridge Burnt Cream with a side drink of a Marc Me White went down a treat. 

With our child getting more and more irate and us being aware that a huge meltdown could be on the cards Ryan and I decided to make a swift getaway. We bundled E up in blankets and they both headed outside whilst I settled up the bill. I explained to our server about the swift exit and he was really apologetic for our wait which was lovely but completely unnecessary. Every one of the staff members who had waited on us had been attentive and offered brilliant customer service, looking after us and making sure we had everything we needed. 

I am so glad we waited for a special reason to go to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse. The food was brilliant, the ambiance warm and welcoming and the staff were excellent. I was initially slightly worried that we would feel out of place or awkward to have a baby with us but my fears were instantly put to rest. Having said that I would really like to go back as just a couple so that Ryan and I can enjoy everything at a more leisurely pace (there are also a few drinks on the wine and cocktail list  that I'm desperate to try). 

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or not, if you're a big steak lover or fan of fine dining you need to head to Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and experience it for yourselves. And with both a lunch and lounge menu on offer as well as the evening, it's the perfect little spot to pop into for cocktails, nibbles, or even for a cheeky post-shopping tipple.

Taste buds tingling? Head over to the Steakhouse Bar & Grill website to peruse the menus or make a booking.

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