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If you caught my 2018 resolutions post then you'll know that this year I have decided I want to climb Snowdon. In order to do this I need to shift the last 18lbs I'm holding on to from my pregnancy so that I can a) fit back in to all my walking clothes and b) feel like I am in a better place fitness wise. I've really made a conscious effort to tune into my body and find the best way to do this (I find it incredibly hard to lose weight) and have adapted my eating habits and diet accordingly, cutting back on red meat, midweek beers and lots of 'heavier' foods during the evening, but one thing I could never let go of are my glasses of fizz on a Friday night (I think watching Tangled ten times in one week means you are entitled to these)! 

bottle of slimline wine super sparkling white wine

I'm always open-minded when it comes to trying new wines and when SlimLine Wine got in touch and asked if I was interested in trying one of their zero sugar, zero carb wines I jumped at the chance, totally intrigued and very, very excited. A zero sugar, zero carb wine? Was that even possible? 

Tearing open the outer packaging I couldn't wait to see which of the wines I had been sent. Over the years my preferences have changed but now I am older and wiser I have an appreciation for reds, roses, whites and sparklings, modifying my choice of grape to suit the occasion. But if I had to decide my heart will always be with fizz. As I pulled out the bottle I discovered that I had received a bottle of the Super Sparkling White. It was as if SlimLine knew. I was delighted! 

First off, the bottle itself is really sleek. Before the wine arrived I had visions of it having really cheesy packaging that made you cringe every time you spotted it in your larder, but the design of the bottle is really sophisticated and one that I would be proud to pass around during any social gathering. The subtle branding and iconography of the label also means that you can be a clandestine slimmer amongst any party crowd too.

I popped the bottle in the fridge and waited for the end of the week to arrive. As soon as Ryan gets home on a Friday night I know I am on the wind down for the weekend. My mummy hat comes off for the night and I get to put my feet up for a few hours and relax. The pjs come out, Friends goes on, we cook a nice meal together and then clink our champagne glasses together to ring in the weekend.

bottle of slimline wine super sparkling wine and chanpagne flutes

man pouring a glass of slimline wine into champagne flute

Taking the first few sips of the wine I could hardly believe this was zero carb and sugar at all. It was sweet (but not overly saccharide), with a subtle hint of vanilla and full of mellow notes that made it incredibly palatable. In short, it was bloody delicious! If you are a fan of Prosecco or Asti Spumante then this wine is definitely for you. 

We paired the wine with a big hearty bowl of pasta and meatballs but I think that the versatility of this white would lend itself to a whole multitude of dishes - from fish to frittata and even the perfect accompaniment to a cheeseboard. 

I have to say that going in to this review I was pretty dubious as to what the SlimLine Super Sparkling White would taste like and I have been completely blown away. It really does taste fantastic and if you went to pour yourself a glass without prior knowledge of the brand, there's no way you'd be able to tell that it low in carbs and sugar. 

clinking champagne glasses

Not a huge fan of whites? No problem! SlimLine Wine also offers a 'Really Red' and 'Super Sparkling Pink' alongside the Super Sparkling White and a 'Crisp White' too. They are not yet available to buy in stores but you can purchase through the SlimLine Wine online shop. Cost per bottle varies from £8.99 for the white and red to £10.99 for the two Super Sparkling options, so a little bit on the more premium end, but in my opinion, well worth it!

If this review has left you itching to know more, head over to the Slimline Wine website to learn more about the brand, the wines on offer and to check out their shop. Tried any of the other varieties? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments. 

* I was very kindly sent a complimentary bottle of Slimline Wine's Super Sparkling White Wine. This does not affect my opinions. For more information, please see my disclaimer

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