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I never make it a secret that when it comes to looking after my skin I am lazy. I don't have the time for a full-on skincare routine and more often than not I will fall asleep on the sofa with a full face of makeup on. Then I'll go upstairs, crawl into bed and end up using a face wipe as a quick fix. It's a habit I desperately need to break, but I just haven't found the right combination of products to make me change my ways. 

One of the birthday presents I received this year was a Topshop voucher and, having looked on the website and finding nothing that caught my eye, I stumbled upon these super-cute Disney Princess sheet masks from Mad Beauty. Sold individually, the voucher I had meant that I could buy four. One (Aurora) I used as a little experiment, and having not had any averse reactions, I popped the rest to one side ready to break out when my skin put out an SOS call. 

I don't know whether it has been the weather or the fact that up until more recently Eric hasn't been sleeping well, but over the past month my skin has been crying out for help. And whereas I'm still not the best at doing all I can to take care of it, I thought that with these masks sitting in my stash, I'd buck my ideas up and start paying it some attention.

disney princess facemasks by mad beauty

Enchanted Rose (Belle) - One of the biggest issues I have with my skin is that it looks lacklustre and tired most of the time. I have also had a few areas of redness that have flared up and just make me feel really embarrassed whenever I spot them in the mirror. With the promise that it is 'calming on the face' I tore the packet open, praying that it would do something to reduce some of the redness and breathe some life back into my skin. 

After adjusting the sheet mask as best I could (lining up the eye, nose and mouth holes was a bit of a nightmare) I waited for the recommended 10-12 minutes then removed the mask and rinsed away the residual products. 

My skin felt so soft. And to be honest I was really shocked. Not that I thought the masks weren't going to do anything but I think a part of my saw the packaging and thought there was the slightest possibility they were a gimmick. But this one definitely wasn't. There was also a touch more radiance to it but nothing jaw-dropping (I think that if you are someone who takes better care of their skin though this would be a bit more evident). 

The suppleness of my skin lasted for a good few days afterwards too and I was absolutely delighted. The weather has been so cold and the wind so bitter that I was sure my skin was destined to dry out but it didn't. 

With results that made me happy and a scent that is just divine, Belle, you get a massive thumbs up from me!

disney princess facemasks by mad beauty

A Whole New World (Jasmine) - After having such a great experience using the Belle sheet mask I had high hopes for Jasmine and waited until I had a spare half an hour where I could have a long soak in a hot bath and fully appreciate a good pamper. 

Just like Belle, Jasmine smelt amazing. The fragrance was strong but not overbearing and added to the home spa experience. I did slightly better with the alignment of the sheet mask this time too, although I did find that the mouth hole kept slipping down which - I'm not going to lie - was really annoying. 

Although the scent of this mask was great, I just didn't have as positive experience as I had with the first. Where the mask was slipping onto my top lip, it made the area a bit irritated and sore. And after rinsing away the remaining product, my skin didn't really show any signs of being refreshed and revitalised nor did it feel nourished. 

I wasn't too put off though. Not all beauty products are going to be right for everyone so it may be that I just don't have the right skin type for this mask to have any effect.

Jewel Of The Sea (Ariel) - Once a girl whose feet itched for a night out, opportunities to get dressed up and dance until my feet ache are a lot more rare now so I decided to save the final mask for a day where we had big party plans so that I could immerse myself in the getting ready process. Having had mixed experiences with both the Belle and Jasmine masks I went in half hoping to be pleasantly surprised and half extremely pessimistic. 

This time Ryan helped me line up the sheet to my face so everything was a bit more comfortable. However I really did not like the scent of this one - it was meant to be cucumber (which Ryan said it did) but to me it smelt incredibly artificial

I left the sheet mask on for just a little over the recommended time (about two minutes over) but again, similarly to Jasmine, the product started to feel a bit uncomfortable on the skin surrounding my mouth. Maybe the 10-12 minutes should be followed strictly and I brought that bit on myself but still it's something to be aware of. 

Considering this sheet mask was meant to hydrate and moisturise I have to say that my skin just didn't feel very soft afterwards. After rinsing any residual product and patting my skin dry it felt pretty dry and I had to put a layer of my own moisturiser on afterwards to get my face back to a comfortably supple state ready for me to start putting on my make up! 

Having never used anything from Mad Beauty before I went into this not knowing what to expect. And to be honest I still don't know what to think. I do know that I really enjoyed using the Belle sheet mask and that it gave me the best results out of the three. But I also know that I wouldn't repurchase any of the others because for me they just didn't deliver. It may just depend on your skin type and needs and mine didn't fit what the other masks were offering or it may be that they just weren't as good.

If you are a big Disney fan, have a girly evening planned or are a sucker for products with pretty packaging then I think you should definitely give these masks a go. However if you are looking for a sheet mask with a little bit more substance these I don't think these will be for you. Sure they are fun to use and will look super-cute in your beauty stash but you may be a bit disappointed if you are looking for something that will give you really noticeable results. 

Although I am holding my breath over the sheet masks I know Mad Beauty have a lot of other really pretty beauty products in their collections and I am really intrigued to try a few more (Belle's Beauty Dome is really catching my eye).

Talk to me in the comments guys - have you tried anything from Mad Beauty? What were your experiences?

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