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The A to Z Challenge is starting to come to an end. With only 8 letters to go after today I thought it was about time that I took the time to share some of my favourite blogs and YouTube channels

Sometimes there can be some unnecessary negativity in the blogging community, and even though it may not directly involve you it can really drag you down (just like any negative energy would.) At the end of the day we blog because we love it, and we should be 100% supporting each other all the way So sod the haters, I'm starting a new tag, and I'm calling it #ShareTheLove. 

The #ShareTheLove tag is simple. I'd like you to share up to five blogs/channels that you think are absolutely fabulous. I want to start an appreciation and positivity train. 

Once you've tagged your five top blogs/channels, why not reach out and let those bloggers or YouTubers know you really enjoy the work they do and that they have been tagged? (Feel free to add the image at the top of this post to yours to let everyone know you are involved.) 

If you have been tagged, carry on the love and tag your favourite bloggers and YouTubers. Let's see how far we can make this go! Hopefully it will introduce you to some new people to follow too!

I am going to tag: 



Feel free to also share blogs and channels in the Comments! 

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  1. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of the A to Z Ambassador Team! (I'm a minion/volunteer under Arlee.)
    Great post. I'm looking forward to more. Let me know if I can help you in any blogging way this month. Congratulations on making it this far! Finish strong. You can do it!
    Don't forget our after party. The Relections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th. (For links directly to posts, not to general blog addresses.)
    I've followed you on your listed social media sites.


    That's my post!