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Disclaimer: Before I get in to my review I must apologise for the state of the product photos. For reasons which will become clear in the review, I left taking them too late and now they look a bit messy! Eep!

When my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer started to run out, I was a bit at a loose end. Should I repurchase? Or should I bite the bullet and go for something different?

The lack of my concealer shade in my local drugstore made my mind up for me. Instead of despairing, my eyes fell upon the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer. Having heard lots of promising things about the product, I decided to be brave, break my habit of a lifetime, and try a different beauty product. 

The S&G Kick Ass Concealer is a 3-step concealing product. Step 1 - an apricot tone colour-correcting concealer. Step 2 - a fleshy toned facial concealer. And Step 3 - a pressed setting powder. I had never seen a product like it, and was really excited to crack it open and give it a try. 

One of the reasons I love Soap & Glory is because their pretty packaging is always on point. And Kick Ass is no exception. The unmistakable pinks, and stand-out typography make it really stand out in your make up drawer, and instantly attract your eye. The packaging is plastic, with each step located in a separate tier, each of which can be opened separately to help keep everything clean and tidy.

The two concealer shades are rich and creamy, and apply to the skin beautifully. The apricot shade is perfect for counteracting those dreaded purple hues of tired under-eyes, and the skin-toned shade was an amazing match for my face. I picked up the concealer in Light, and it was one of the best- if not the best colour matches in a base and face product that I've ever found. Usually paler shades aren't pale enough, and leave my face a tad orange-looking. Or they just wash me out completely because they are a more brightening than concealing product. But Kick Ass Step 2 was perfect for me

I use the apricot shade of Step 1 religiously every time I'm applying make up. The minute I've patted the product on my dark circles they are instantly brightened, and I look so much more awake. It's been a God-send product for those early morning work wake-up calls. The Step 2 face concealer has been great for hiding any pesky blemishes that have snuck in around my time of the month, and really help neutralise any areas of redness on my skin.

The setting powder I haven't really used yet. Purely because I use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, but just the fact that a powder is included pleases me greatly. The concealer is such a compact, handy little size, that if you were away overnight and needed a multi-functioning product it is perfect. The powder did also come with a dinky little sponge, but mine has got lost in transit. 

The reason that my blog photos are so messy is because I literally haven't wanted to be parted from this product. I've been a bit too nervous to let it out my sight in case I misplace it. And you can see how much I've used it. Not even two months in and I'm touching pan. But I'm getting so much use out of the concealers I don't think I'll be running out any time soon. The 'blendability' (#newword) is so ridiculously good that you only need the smallest bit. It goes a long, long way. 

The only minor downside to the product is the packaging. As pretty as it is, it's not 100% as durable as I would like. If you are not really careful opening each tier, the plastic can become disjointed or snap. The lid is now broken on mine because it has been manhandled so much. If you're light-handed (unlike me) this isn't a problem, but if you are over-enthusiastic, just be careful!

There is no question as to whether I will be repurchasing. I seriously have found my dream product. Not only does it work to perk my complexion up, but it's the perfect make up bag sized multi-functional product For the £10.00 (approx) price tag you are getting so much bank for your buck!

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