#AtoZChallenge / X Marks The Spot: 3 Restaurants You MUST Visit In Liverpool

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Food plays a huge part in my existence as a human being. I love the stuff. Where I used to save the majority of my money to buy tons of make up and copious amounts of clothes, now I always make sure I have enough to go out to at least one fancy meal a month.

Now I know that some of you reading this may not live in Liverpool or know the area that well. So, for the sake of thinking that you might pay a visit, I wanted to share my top three restaurant picks in Liverpool. The ones that have seriously impressed me, and where I highly recommend everyone to visit. 


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Come on...how many of you knew I was going to say Yukti as my first choice? Boyfriend and I really love this restaurant. It is such a hidden gem in the city when it comes to food and deserves all the praise in the world. Each dish has always been cooked to perfection, with my taste-buds doing a happy little dance with each mouthful. The staff go above and beyond to make sure that your dining experience is the best possible, and do their best to take in to account food allergies and requirements when suggesting dishes. We go there so much that we don't even really need to order any more. We trust the staff implicitly to make amazing choices for us. There hasn't been a meal so far that I haven't liked. The ambience is really lovely too. Twinkling tea lights sit prettily at each table. The lighting is low to create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere, and there is even a little homage to Liverpool in the décor. It is just beautiful in there.

I'm always telling my friends to pay a visit to Yukti. It's not just my favourite Indian restaurant. It's my favourite restaurant of any that I've been to in the city. And there have been quite a few of those, believe me! 

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I am always tempted to pop back in to Hanover Street Social every time I bring a friend in to own. But nearly all the time the restaurant is full to the brim. And if that doesn't say something about this place then I don't know what does. The food is just exquisite. Unlike Yukti, I wouldn't say the food is of a certain food genre. It is well-made, hearty, and totally fabulous and definitely speaks for itself. I had one of the most amazing main courses here ever, and even now, almost two years on, thinking about it makes my mouth-water. It left that much of a mark on me. 

The restaurant décor is the perfect combination of modern, rustic and ever so slightly Bohemian. Everything always looks so warm and inviting, and every time I've been in, the atmosphere has been electric. 

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Discovering Bistro Jacques was definitely a very happy accident. After seeing a concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic on Valentine's Day, we popped our heads in to the restaurant to see if they had a table left. And boy am I glad they did. I love this place. Sitting in Bistro Jacques really is like stopping off at a Parisian cafe. The décor is gorgeous, with the most wonderful attention to detail, and the food is just divine. It's not al frogs legs and snails (although these are on the menu.) There is something for everyone, and everything is cooked beautifully. Certain special price menus are also available. I know that there is a 3 course lunch menu, a pre-theatre menu and a wine and dine menu on Monday and Tuesday nights too! 

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Which are your top three favourite restaurants in your city? 

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  1. How bad is it I have lived in Liverpool for 8 years and never visited ANY of these!!! Your photos have made me STARVING hahahaa I'll have to check them out xx