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It's no secret. I am finding the thought of looking for bridesmaid dresses very stressful. I'm having trouble with the colour, finding a style I like..the list goes on and on!

So when I found out that Glitzy Secrets - an online stockist for some of the prettiest wedding jewellery and accessories I've ever seen -was launching a new tool* to help you uncover your vintage  wedding style, I got really excited. Would some inspiration finally come at last? Thank GOODNESS!

I love anything Bohemian inspired. I love the fashions of the 60s and 70s. Growing up I'd always ask to try MG's "hippie" dresses from that era. One of the reasons I got my fringe cut in was so that I would look more of that time. So naturally, it was to my delight that the tool told me my vintage wedding style was the 1970's

Putting myself in that carefree fashion age, I sat back and thought. Our wedding has a "vintage shabby-chic" theme, and is all about whimsy and having fun. With so many stand-out trends from the 70s, if I was to look back then and take inspiration from the styles that I love, what alternatives to your bog-standard bridesmaid dresses could I put my 'maids in to make them comfortable, creative, and completely unique

Look One 
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Floral Playsuit: ASOS  | Floppy Hat: H&M  | Gold Clutch: unknown | Chelsea Boots: New Look | Fur Jacket (below): New Look 
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For the first look, I went for something really fun and girly. When I think of 70s fashion, I immediately think of big bold florals, hot pants and glamorous accessories. This look combines all three ideas. A playsuit would be a really fun alternative for 'maids, especially for a Spring or Summer wedding. You can dress a playsuit up or down as much as you like, and they just add an instant fun flair. And if it's a Winter wedding, throw on a pair of tights and everyone is good to go!

Look Two
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Green Swing Dress: ASOS  | Floppy Hat: (as before)  | Tan Belt: Primark (from a dress)  | Chelsea Boots: (as before) | Sunglasses: M&S
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The 70s was all about playing with hemlines, and the 60s mini dress was ever popular. This swing dress from ASOS can be worn midi, but I chose to change the style by adding a belt. Swing dresses are so comfortable that there is no way my bridesmaids would feel restricted. 

Look Three
Black Maxi Dress: ASOS | Rose Gold Collar Necklace: H&M  |  Chunky Heels: Daisy Street | High Heel Boots (below):  H&M | Fur Jacket: (as before)
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This look is all about 70s glamour, and is my favourite look of all! There is a true sense of Bohemia with the length of the dress, but the fluttery kimono sleeves make it ever so slightly Disco, and the rose god collar adds a touch of opulence. This is definitely a style I would put my 'maids in because it is just so effortlessly 70s-chic! The dress is empire line (so extremely flattering.) You can team it with any shoe and it just looks beautiful! The split on the left side is sexy but not showy, and I know that my bridesmaids would all look stunning in this outfit!

*To find your vintage wedding style era, take the test at https://www.glitzysecrets.com/find-your-vintage-wedding-style/


  1. Great post! The third look gets my vote, I love that dress! I took the test and got 1920s hehe, no surprise there!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. i love look 2 !!! but there all lovely x