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I have been the biggest fan of ESPA products ever since I discovered them through a goody bag at an NWBloggers event last year. First it was the foam bath, then the ProCleanser....and now with every product I try I am more and more impressed. 

So when I heard that ESPA were releasing a tinted moisturiser - the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser - I knew I had to try it out. As I have gotten further in to my twenties, I am relying less and less on a full face of make up, and am turning more towards products that will show my visage some TLC and work to put some life back in to it. Early starts for work, not drinking as much water as I should, and exposure to city pollution mean that my skin doesn't always look the way I'd like it to. Wherever I can, I always try to treat it with love and give it the time and nurturing it deserves. 

ESPA heard my call of interest in trying out the tinted moisturiser and very kindly sent me two sample sizes to try. The first in the palest shade on offer - Nude, and the second with a pinky-nude colour - Blush. 

Religiously I sampled each shade every morning, using work the perfect excuse to throw on a little bit more make up than usual. Normally -and being honest here - I just can't be arsed with the faff of putting on a polished face of make up for work. I crawl out of bed, bleary-eyed, put on a bit of mascara, cover my dark circles with a dab of concealer and I'm good to go. But because the product is essentially a moisturiser, it found its place in my morning routine perfectly. 

But before I get in to reviewing the tinted moisturiser itself, let's just take a moment to stare in awe at how pretty this packaging is. The sample tubes are metallic (almost rose gold) and shimmery, with the unmistakeable purple ESPA typography dancing on the front. It just looks so luxe and beautiful that it is a joy to display it on my make up stand. And I'm almost certain the sample sizes are perfect miniature forms of the standard. All of ESPA's products are simply stunning and chic in my eyes, but this packaging tops them all in my eyes. It's the colour combination that does it. Just. So. Pretty|! 

The formulation of the tinted moisturiser is just as smooth as the packaging is pretty. It isn't too thick, and glides on to the skin with ease, blending in seamlessly. I spent time testing out both of the shades, and they both complemented my cheeks to perfection. But in very different ways. 01 Nude was almost a 100% match for my skintone, and provided slightly more coverage because it is completely matte. 02 Blush on my skin almost had a shimmer, and made my skin a bit more radiant and dewy. I can't comment as to whether it is meant to do this, but on my skin the finish it created was amazing. For a tinted moisturiser the coverage is fantastic, and I was really pleased by the fact that it didn't oxidise on my skin. I've had that trouble a lot in the past with tinted moisturisers and it is definitely NOT a sexy look!

Does the coverage last all day? No. Do I expect it to? No. ESPA have created a hybrid product here, and whereas the coverage is amazing, but I don't expect it to last all day with the thin layer I have been applying. Building up layer by layer to create a medium-coverage product I'm certain would mean the lasting power would increase by far, but I have been using it just as I would a moisturiser. And I wouldn't smear a thick layer of that on my face in the morning. 

I am extremely impressed with the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. The finish is unrivalled by any other tinted moisturiser I've tried. The colour-match to my skintone is just perfection, and the consistency is smooth and creamy, leaving my skin nourished, kissed back to life, and definitely not greasy. I will 100% be purchasing the full-size....once I can decide which shade I like the best!

I cannot recommend the ESPA tinted moisturiser enough. The coverage is lovely and natural, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated, and the packaging is gorgeous to boot (always an added bonus.) It is a little on the pricier size (a full-size is £32.00.) But ESPA products are always worth the investment. In my eyes, they have done no wrong, and continue to impress me, growing from strength to strength and helping make me feel gorgeous.
To find out more about the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, and to see all the available shades, click here

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  1. It sounds lovely. If I wore makeup more often, I'd check it out.

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