Blogtember 2013: A Change for the Better

Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

I have always loved writing. 
I remember the first story I ever wrote - it was in a The Flinstones spiral bound notepad. I wrote it about some of the people in my class at primary school. Nearly everybody wanted to be in it. 

I carried on writing all the way through school and into uni, going on to do a BA in Creative & Professional Writing and then an MA. 

And by the time I'd finished all that, I needed a break. 

Not a break from writing, but a break from writing on demand. Writing stories. Writing the same thing all the time and not having a break to write anything much else. 

This is where blogging and social media comes in. 

Through blogging, I can carry on writing, but in a way that I really enjoy. I can set my own schedule and work to my own timetable and pace without fearing that I'm going to miss a deadline or disappoint people. When I've had a crazy day, or am feeling sad, or poorly, I can turn to my blog and everything becomes a little better! My blog - and now my channel - are my babies, and they mean so, so much to me.

When I started blogging, I didn't really know about any other blogs out there. I knew people wrote them, but I wasn't sure what was out there, or how to be involved in the bigger blogging community. Until I started watching more YouTube videos. Prior to blogging, I had only watched a few YouTube videos but when I started browsing YouTube more, this opened up a world of opportunities. I got introduced to more videos, then blogs, twitter usernames, Facebook pages, and pretty soon my little "Blogger's Bubble" began to burst and I was surrounded by amazing people who enjoyed doing exactly the same things as me, had the same hobbies as me, and liked make up, clothes, food and all things beauteous just like me. 

I started to read more blogs, and getting inspired to write more diverse blog posts myself - first more lifestyle ones, then, as I started to grow in confidence, beauty, fashion, reviews.....The more I wrote, the happier I was. 

And then I joined Twitter, and was overwhelmed by the beauty/fashion blogging community there was on there. I'm introduced to new blogs/YouTube channels everyday  People are always ready to offer opinions on products, or give out advice, and just support your blog and celebrate blogging and writing in general.

There is such a wonderful blogging community on Twitter and on Facebook that is so supportive of each other, and encouraging. Everybody is ready to offer advice, or guidance, and it's wonderful being able to share your passion with so many different people. I have become so much more confident since immersing myself in the social media community more, and constantly want to improve my blogging style to make it more enjoyable for other bloggers to read. I now want to actively sit down and teach myself about editing videos, creating and designing elements for my blog, and adding additional features to the things I create that otherwise I wouldn't have dreamt of doing.

There is no way I would have had to confidence to develop my JustAddGinger channel, or make a Facebook page without the blogging community. And I definitely wouldn't have had the writing opportunities I've had if I wasn't part of social media. I'm now fully embracing and celebrating being a blogger. 

Social media has given me the push I need to make my JustAddGinger baby bigger and better.

Dreams are there to be chased.


  1. Your post gives me so much hope for the future. It's taken me quite some time to get the confidence to even start my blog, after countless months of reading others and watching YouTube videos. I'm still pretty quite in the community I guess, although I try to reach out and comment and be generally more present. It's a task.
    Anyways, I really hope that blogging can do for me what it has done for you. Good luck with your baby :)

    1. So glad that my post helped you. It took me a long time to get my confidence up enough to become a part of the community, but now, it's really great being able to interact with other bloggers via social media and have a hub of support for each other!

      As long as you enjoy writing your blog, this will show through in your posts and your confidence will grow and grow! :)

      Good luck to you too! :)