Blogtember 2013: Drink More Water

Today's Topic:"Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered"

Drink more water!

I used to be one of those people who didn't really like to drink water. I was a die-hard ,ilk fan from a very early age, and this lasted all the way until - well - just recently to be honest. I always would hear people talk about the benefits of drinking water. How good it was for your body... full of things that were good for you....how important it is to stay hydrated. 

But did I really listen? 

No. Not really. 

I was too obsessed with milk. Now, don't get me wrong  I know that milk, in moderation, is good for you too. And I have a history of osteoporosis in my family, so I need to make sure I always have a good intake of calcium, but I could drink a ridiculous amount of milk in a day. I think I used my need for calcium as a bit of an excuse, and guzzled down pint after pint without really noticing. 

And them as I started university, caffeine crept in to the equation too. Water intake kind of went out the window, and it was coffee, tea, milk and fizzy drinks all the way. 

But then, more recently, now that I have been blogging and starting YouTube, I've been paying more attention to advice, tips and tricks that people offer. My friend Sarah (or Saloca in Wonderland) is always full of pearls of wisdom about beauty-related things, and one day we were talking bout face mapping... 

I have always had dodge skin. I'm just one of those people. And at school, my spots were particularly horrendous. It was embarrassing, walking around school and being the only girl in your year with bad skin. But mum assured me it was just my hormones, so I let nature take its course. But still, at age 26, I still have the odd pimple to contend with. Sarah mentioned how dairy can affect the skin, and that made me go back to: 

Drink more water!

Maybe it was time to drink more water. As an experiment if anything. To see if it made a difference or not. 

Well. 5 months on and my skin has really cleared up. Oh, I still get the occasional spot here and there, but generally my skin looks so much better. My under-eye circles look less pronounced, my old acne scars are fading and I'm even starting to notice that my hair is looking shinier and more glossy too! Of course, it might not be down to water, but it can't all just be co-incidence that I'm starting to see changes. 

I feel better for it too. Whereas I used to rely on coffee to get me through the day, I'm now down to one (which I have with coffee whitener instead of milk.) I've cut fizzy drinks out completely, and milk is now more of a luxury drink. I still make sure I get calcium by eating cheese, and yoghurt, but I've cut down on my dairy-overload.

With drinking more water I feel just generally more hydrated and happy. I have a lot more energy too. I've even downloaded an app on to my phone, which helps me monitor how much I've drunk and how hydrated I am. I'm a really competitive person, so having something I can use to monitor my progress is like having a competition with myself!

So, if there is one piece of advice I can pass on to you, dear blog reader, it is 

Drink more water!

And see if you notice any chances! 

(Shout out to Sarah (http://www.salocainwonderland.co.uk/) who is doing the Blogtember Challenge too. Thank you for the beauty tips, lovely, I'd have never done this change to water without our chat x)


  1. Very Good advice.. Thats what i tell my customers especially my brides and better still to stay off alcohol every so often. Feel amazing and revitalise your skin

    1. It's really amazing the changes I've started to see. I make sure I always drink 2 litres a day now. The app really helps keep tabs on that! :)