Blogtember 2013: If I were a Rich Girl

I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge myself as a blogger. 

Sometimes, it's so easy for life to take over from writing. Especially when there are other things that need to be done during the day. I sometimes feel really inspired to write when I'm doing other things, and then when I'm free to write, all motivation goes flying out the window, and I end up half-asleep on the sofa. 

I found The Blogtember Challenge over at Story of my Life and I simply could not let the opportunity for a challenge pass me by. So, henceforth, September shall be a month of being an ultimate blogger! (Follow the link if you want to join in too!) 

I missed yesterday's topic, but today's (4th September) is: 

"If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, 
what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos from Pinterest, but don't forget to cite the source!)"

There is no question about what I would do.... And of course, I'd have to be pretty rich to be able to take 3 months off. So with that in mind, and a huge amount of funds at my disposal, this is what I'd do...

....Travel To The Places I Love! 

Starting first of course, with a first class flight over to de Efteling in The Netherlands. 

It is by far the most amazing place on Earth for me. I have such fond and happy memories there, and just being in the grounds of this amazing places makes me feel all giddy and lit-up inside. 

I'd go on all the rides at least 3 times, eat in every restaurant/cafe, load my camera up with photographs and my suitcase up for souvenirs. I'd have to stay in the Efteling hotel, and would take Boyfriend along with me for the trip. I'm always talking about Efteling and how much I love it, so I think it's really important I take him to share in this experience with me. 

After my stay at Efteling, I'd hop on a private jet and fly straight to Australia 

I have only ever been to Australia once, in 2005, to visit my Auntie and my cousin who live out there. I'd fly out to Perth to see them first, then fly over to Falls Creek to visit my friend, who is currently out there. I'd stay for a month, eat amazing food, drink wine, and spend time with lots of lovely people before learning how to snowboard and ski one-handed! 

And then, for the last month of my adventure, I'd get on my jet and fly to 


I've already been there twice, but New York is one of those places I could go back to over and over again and not get bored. I love it there....the atmosphere...the people..the food...all of it just makes me so happy! 

I'd stay right next to Central Park, drink Cosmopolitans, eat at fancy restaurants every night, and finish off the trip with a visit to the Louboutain shop to buy myself my dream pair of shoes! 

I'd spend days wandering around Central Park, sitting on rocks, reading books in the sunshine, and taking in the sights. 

I wouldn't go alone either. I'd make sure all my closest girliefriends came with me. We'd go near Christmas of course so that we could see all the amazing Christmas decorations and soak in the festive atmosphere!

So there you have it. With unlimited funds and the option to go wherever I wanted, and do anything, this is what I would do. 

They do say home is where the heart is.


....If I were a rich girl.....

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