On the Nice List...Ultimate Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

It is official....

There are now only 12 Fridays until Christmas!! EEEEeeeeeeee!!! 

I'm not going to lie. I'm a HUGE fan of the festive season/. I love everything about it; the food, the music, the wrapping up warm and snuggling by the fire.....snow. It all just makes me want to dance around like a big ol' looney!! 

And. Because today I was feeling very excited about Christmas, I decided to do an Ultimate Christmas/Birthday Wishlist. These are the top 10 products/things that are on my personal wishlist and that I hope to get myself by Christmas or my birthday on 9th January (not what I expect to see underneath the tree!) 

(These wishlist items are in no particular order....!)

1) Mac Eyeshadow Palette: I am a new MAC fan as of this year. I think it's a fantastic brand, and I am the proud owner of 3 of their lipsticks. But. I would love to own a neutral eyeshadow palette too. Every time I go in to a MAC shop I am blown away by their selection of neutral shadows, and I would be so happy to add some to my make up collection

2) Subscription to GlossyBox: At regular intervals, I find myself going on to the GlossyBox website to look at their subscription options. I have held off so hard, but I really think this may have to be a Birthday present to myself. I love receiving post, and getting a box each month full of beauty goodies might just make me "eek" in delight!

3) Benefit Rockateur Blusher: I am a big fan of Benefit as a make up brand. All the products I have from there have never let me down. A blush is, naturally, next on my list, and I think Rockateur would be the best match for my skin....hence why it is on my list. Plus, I really like the packaging...something quite "rock and roll" about it (hehe.)

4) Real Techniques Make Up Brushes: I have a confession to make.....I don't really own very good make up brushes. The ones I do have shed like crazy and I'm constantly finding random hairs on my face! I've heard soooo many good things about the Real Techniques brushes (they have a sponge out now too,) that I really want to give them a try. 

5) MAC Pigment: This goes hand-in-hand with the eyeshadows. A MAC pigment has been on my list since I started getting more and more into YouTube and blogging. So many of my favourite beauty gurus have amazing things to say about the pigments, and if I got one in a neutral-ish shade, I can double it up as a base and an eyeshadow!

6) Yankee Candles: Come Winter, you will always find me with a candle burning, or incense on the go. I have never owned a Yankee Candle, but have been in to the shop in town lots, and sniffed everything in there. I can only imagine what their Winter/Christmas fragrances are like! 

7) Champagne Bucket: For the past few weeks, I have been gradually overhauling my house and having a massive spring clean and re-desigm. One night over dinner, Boyfriend and I were talking about the plans I had, and somehow champagne buckets popped up in conversation. Well. Since then I have been obsessed with the idea, and really, really, really, want one. Especially one on a stand that can go by my dining table!

8) LUSH Spa Validation Facial: If you haven't been to a LUSH spa yet, you need to. I have been two times now and it has been an amazing experience. (You can read my review of my first visit here) Next on my list is their facial. I have never had a facial before, and I know getting one done there would just be a beautiful experience! 

9) A Kitten: For the past ,five, nearly six years, I have been harbouring a desire to have a pet cat. As a teenager, my family had pet cats, and every time I go to see my parents, I am wrapped up in a big furry ball of love for their cats (even though one attacks me.) I'm naturally both a dog and cat person because I grew up around both, but my house is not big enough for a dog really, so a kitten is on my wishlist first, just because of the limitations of space! 

10) Make Up Brush Holder: To go with my make up brushes. It all ties in with my house ideas and re-design. I'm in desperate need of a new storage system for my make up, and a utensils pot, or pencil pot, would be the perfect place to store brushes. Slightly quirky, and there are such a great variety of designs out there!

What's on your Ultimate Wishlist?

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