First YouTube Fashion Haul | Just Add Ginger

It's no secret....

I absolutely love to go shopping!

It's a luxury that I usually try and save until payday (although sometimes I just have to give in to the urge.) And this time, instead of doing a haul on my blog, I decided to be brave and film one instead. It was a big step to take, but since I've been on holiday and had lots of time to dedicate to sitting down, planning and filming more structured videos, I've been throwing caution to the wind, getting over my fears about filming these kinds of videos, and just going for it. I really enjoy watching haul videos, so hope that I did myself justice in filming my very first one. 

N.B: I don't want anybody to think that in filming a haul I'm showing off my purchases. I think haul videos are a great way to get insight into somebody's personal style, and see what kind of clothes/beauty products are out there. 

If you watched/ are watching my haul, I really hope you enjoy it. Any tips/advice/comments on how the set-up worked are greatly appreciated. Hopefully this is the first haul video of more to come in the future.

If you liked this video, be sure to check out youtube.com/JustAddGinger to catch the rest of my videos. 

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