Blogtember 2013: A Poem for Person X

Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.)

Dear Person X, 

You're the one I'll always turn to,  
When blue sky turns to grey.  
The one I'll always dream of,  
at the ending of the day.  

You're the one who'll always make me laugh,  
When my head has does nought but frown.  
No matter how you're feeling,  
For me you'll act the clown.  

You're the one I love to kiss goodnight,  
You're the one I love to hold.  
You're the one who warms my cold reptilian heart,  
Amidst the Autumn cold.  

You're the one I can talk to all night,  
Whether deep in thought or talking sh*t. 
You're the one I can rant at when I'm stressed,  
You make no big deal of it.  

Thank you for making me so happy, 
Thank you for being you.  
Thank you for how you make me feel.  
Please know how much I do love you!  



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