Blogtember 2013: "The Tale of the Fridge Spider"

"Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid."


Good Evening. 

My name is Ginger(Jax,) and I am terrified of spiders! 

Spiders and me have not, and never will be friends. There is no way we will ever get along, and the just the mere thought of them makes my skin crawl! 

It is a fear that in the pass year or so I have had to overcome (slightly.) Since living by myself I have had to get better at handling spiders because, well, if I'm in the house by myself, there's nobody else who can get rid of them. And the thought of a spider being in my house while I'm asleep....Just. Just no!

When I started living alone, the spiders came out to keep me company!
Cheers guys! :(

When I knew I was going to be living by myself, I made a shrewd investment and bought a spider catcher. If I see a spider I don't have to go near it to get it out the house.... I can just pick it up with my litter-picker style catcher and let it go free to terrorise somebody else. 

But The Tale of the Fridge Spider has no such happy ending!

Late one night in June, I was about to get into bed for my beauty sleep when I decided that before I ventured into the land of nod, I would have one last drink. Down the stairs I went, comfortably sleepy and ready to put my head down. 

The stairs light was on, so I didn't bother switching on the kitchen one (I try to conserve electricity wherever possible.) I had taken two steps into the kitchen when I saw it. 

A big.... 




Now. If it had been a spider that was still, that would have been fine. A short squeal of terror and out would have come the spider catcher. 

But not this time. 

For it was not a spider, but a big, hair, dark spider shadow, clinging to the skirting board and sprinting hell-for-leather towards my fridge. It was too quick to be caught, and too fat to even fit into my spider catcher, so there was nothing I could do. 

Nothing I could do but cry! 

And run. 

Run back to the safety of my bedroom, shut the door, shut the window, climb into bed, pull the covers right up to my ears, shut my eyes and pray to all the good things in the world that that spider would decide to take a long, distant holiday from my house and crawl through some hole and never return.

The next morning, feeling brave, I ventured into the kitchen to look down the side of the fridge...

And I found.... 


To this day, I live in fear of the Fridge Spider. Once a huge, dark shadow, now, an illusive mystery that haunts my fridge! 

Who knows where he may be lurking!

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